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Gainesville Hurricanes Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Gainesville Hurricanes and other basketball organizations?

The Gainesville Hurricanes is the only non-profit basketball club that offers a wide array of basketball activities year round.  Activities that the Hurricanes host include: AAU basketball for boys and girls from 3rd grade-High School, Multiple AAU tournaments, 3v3 Shootouts, Summer and Winter Crossover, training clinics and camps for student athletes.  The Hurricanes also have a co-branding agreement with Under Armour.


What is the difference between Hurricanes Crossover, Hurricanes AAU and traditional Recreational Leagues?

Other basketball clubs offer a general recreational league that utilize modified rules  such as no backcourt defense, lower rim heights and limited defensive formations to assist players in learning the game of basketball. 

The crossover league is designed to develop and prepare student athletes for AAU (travel) basketball by transitioning to playing by Virginia High School rules rather than the modified rules.  This means players will learn different defensive and offensive formations (such as how to break a full court press).  Players are divided among the teams to create a competitive environment and are expected to practice at least 60 mins a week and play up to 10 games.

The Hurricanes AAU teams are part of the same organization, but they are travel teams that offer players the opportunity to play other teams throughout the region and to play basketball at a more competitive level. This includes playing in local, state, national or collegiate showcase tournaments. 


Can my child play in the Hurricanes Crossover League and another league at the same time?

Yes.  The Crossover teams practice one weeknight and play games on Saturdays and Sundays.


What is the policy on playing time?

In both Crossover Leagues and for AAU, there are no guaranteed or required playing time rules.  Having said that, the crossover rosters are limited to 8-9 players to promote playing time and development among all of the players.  This does not mean that all players will get equal time.  Playing time may vary based level of skill, level of effort in practice and in games, player safety, practice attendance, player behavior, teamwork, hustle,  and game situations. 


What are the qualifications for the AAU/Travel coaches?

All Hurricanes AAU/Travel coaches must complete the VHSL and NFHS coaching curriculum.  This is the same training that High School coaches must complete.  All AAU coaches must also complete Positive Coaching Alliance certification.  We also have concussion training and first aid certification.


What is the Crossover Refund policy? 

Hurricanes Crossover League has a $20 processing fee for all refunds.  

Refund requests for crossover leagues must be received BEFORE team assignments.  Once a student athlete has been assigned a team, refund requests will only be granted due to a health or medical emergency.  In such cases, a doctor’s note must accompany the refund request.

To request a refund, send an email to Please include the student athlete’s name and registered division.  Refunds will be issued in the same form that the payment was received and will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt.